Can You Die From a Broken Heart?

You meet so many nice gentlemen working for London escorts. Recently I met this guy who had split up with his wife about two years ago, and he says that it broke his heart. As a matter of fact, he ended up having a heart attack, and he is sure it was triggered by emotional issues.

When his doctors checked his health, they could not find anything wrong. I am sure that our emotional health affects our physical health, and this was not the first time I had heard a similar story at London escorts. Breaking up from someone you have been married to for a long time much be very hard. I could not imagine what it is like as I have not been in a long term relationship. When you work for London escorts, it is not really easy to have a personal relationship with a man. Most guys that I have met only want to brag that they have a girlfriend who works for a escorts in London service and tell their friends that you are the ultimate sex kitten. That is not what I call a good relationship. Then you get the older guy who is a little bit more tolerant and may even accept that you enjoy working for an escorts in London service. He does not tell his friends that you work for London escorts, but he loves to treat you as arm candy.

That does not work really well neither, but it is a better relationship to be involved in. I have been in a few of those over my time with London escorts, and I can tell you that these men are normally good to you, and like to spoil you. However, at the end of the day, you are kind of this glorified Sugar Babe. Likes so many of the other girls that i work with at London escorts, I am what I call relationship challenged at the moment. Instead of risking having my heart broken, I am staying away from personal relationships during my London escorts career. There is bound to be a guy out there for me, but at the moment I am not looking for one. If I get involved with an older guy who wants me to be his arm candy or Sugar Babe, I don’t mind. At least I know where I stand with men like that, and it helps a lot. Besides, I like being spoiled. Avoiding a broken heart is something that you should try to do. I honestly believe it can upset you mentally and as well as physically. Some men and women never bounce back from a broken heart. I have dated a few guys at London escorts who seemed to have had a really hard time adjusting to single life. Women seem to get on with it and move on a little bit faster than men. Heck, some of the girls just seem to wash their hair, and find themselves a new love the next day. I am not sure that I would be able to do that.

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