The awkward days of being an escort

With the number of escorts skyrocketing everywhere across the world, many people tend to think that this profession is easy. It’s true that escorting comes with tremendous benefits as it improves the economy of a nation, provides employment, and most importantly provides satisfaction to those people in need of sexual satisfaction. Many escorts are happy with what they do. But have you ever asked yourself how their first-day experience in escort service profession was? Not many escorts would share their downfalls in their work, but the truth is that they are there. Sarah has been in the escort service business for three years now. She is a sweet girl and loves her job. However, her first day was a bit awkward.


When she was in college, Sarah faced some financial challenges because her parents were no longer supportive. They said she was already grown up and should be able to support herself. She tried tirelessly to find a job, but wasn’t really having any luck. However, she hit the jackpot the day she realized that she could actually earn money by having sex with men. Even though she wasn’t sure about it, she knew it was something that she could earn decent money doing. She joined the charlotte action escorts agency due to its reputation for protecting their employees.


On her first day she was hired by a middle-aged white guy. They both agreed to meet in a hotel for sex. Sarah knew pretty well that what she was getting herself into would not be a walk in the park, but she was determined to turn a new page of her life. She dared to make escorting her profession and on that note, she dressed to kill. She went to the agreed room and knocked the door. As soon as the door was opened, her heart skipped a bit. She felt nervous, especially after having a glimpse of the guy she would have sex with was.


They sat on the bed and had several drinks as they talked to each other. Sarah was stammering and didn’t know what to say even after being asked direct questions. The client wanted Sarah to give him a blowjob, and she was still so nervous. But she put on a brave face and went about pleasing her customer. After doing the oral sex, the bigger task was on penetration. She had very little sexual experience, and knew that it would probably hurt. The guy was rough, and he forced his huge erected penis into her tight vagina. She felt a sharp stab and cried out in pain. The more she cried, the rougher he got. He never cared and continued fucking her until he abandoned himself for climax. It was the tough moment for Sarah, but three years down the line, she is happy and enjoys her profession

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