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it was a boring Sunday evening at a meeting when Shara befriended me. she was kind and sweet and it felt natural to talk to her. we both have a lot in common and we have found comfort in talking about it all of the time. she understands that I was an alcoholic in the past and in now trying to find a reason to live by finding a person to love. it did not take long for me to know that she is a Reading escort. the more that she talked about herself the better that our relationship has become. she has been in a lot of bad dates and is already feeling like giving up on trying too hard to meet someone that is never going to arrive in our lives. being friends with a Reading escort from had become a normal thing to be. she has no problem in opening her heart out to me and after spending a year with her she finally wanted me to meet her parents. we were both desperate for love but I was just too afraid to admit it. there is so much comfort in falling in love with someone like a Reading escort. she has gotten so much bad times in her past bad decisions and it would mean everything to me to start over with someone like her. meeting someone unexpectedly just makes it very exciting. the fact that a Reading escort was willing to give me the time of the day to meet this person is really nice. she has not given up on me even when there is a lot of people that does not think that I could even change. the fact that I’m really happy with a Reading escort is something new and it does not feel right at first. continuing to figure out what true love really is with a Reading escort is kind of awesome. she has already seen in at my worst and has no problem in just being friends for over a year before making the next step is big. I’ve not gotten a friend who is like her at all who wants to get to know each other for over a year and then decide if she wants to be together. there has a lot that has happened in the years that we got together. she knew all about the good and negative things about my life and we both learn to be kind and grow stronger together. getting to the point of being strong enough to admit the feelings that we have took years but love does not really rush. I’m lucky to get to where I am today with a Reading escort. she is everything that i had hope for and in the years that has passed by we were able to set the priorities that we have and learn many things so that it would have no problem in going through a lot of deep and bad times in the future.

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